Tender Writing Courses

New to tendering? Looking to improve your tender strategy and bids? Whether a novice or an experienced tender writer, Darlo’s training provides hands-on, practical lessons to help you win more business.

The workshop examines three key areas of tendering:

  1. Explore tendering as a business decision and issues for your business surrounding compliance and tenders specific to property and construction,
  2. Analyse and write key sections of the tender response including executive summaries, introductions, and responses to selection criteria,
  3. Review techniques and tips to improve the style, tone and quality of your written responses.

Key Benefits of Our Tender Writing Course:

  • Insights and examples specific to tendering in property and construction,
  • Hands-on writing with lots of exercises and examples,
  • Development and growth strategies to win more and better business,
  • Techniques and tips to apply to your tenders immediately,
  • Keys to recognise mistakes you want to avoid,
  • Improvements in strategy and focus,
  • Worked examples of tender responses,
  • Learn how to meet more deadlines and gain control over your workload.

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