Tender Writing, Management and Bid Strategy

Winning business is important to you. The process of tendering can be complicated and time consuming for companies to do themselves. Time is money and your time can be better spent running your business. If you can’t afford for your tendering to become a full-time job in itself for you or your employees, then it makes sound business sense to outsource your tender management to the experts. Darlo Technical Writing helps companies develop and manage their tenders. Our team has tendered and won business for our clients with numerous government departments, publicly listed companies and private enterprises.

Complete Tender Management involves:

  • Initial discussions about your overarching long-term strategy and short-term goals.
    It’s important we have a complete understanding of who your organisation is and what it sets out to achieve. When we write and design your documents, we want to capture your unique voice. We want to know what business strategy you are pursuing, the key characteristics of the market you operate in, your core competencies, your key stakeholders, and where and how this tender fits with your strategy. Most importantly, we want to know what your most important objective is right now.
  • An audit of your existing documentation.
    You may have a number of existing documents for us to review, or you could be at a point where you have no pre-existing documents, and need help beginning from scratch. We can work with your situation and put together a plan of action based on your specific requirements.
  • Feedback and recommendations based on the audit.
    The feedback and recommendations we provide are dependent on the tender’s key criteria, and the strengths and weaknesses of your current documentation. We will consult you on the course of action you are happy to proceed with.
  • Bid search, monitoring, and coaching.
    You may also require additional services in searching for, filtering, and monitoring appropriate bids. Darlo can provide an additional search and monitoring service for companies who want several bidding opportunities, but don’t have the time or internal resources to perform this search themselves. Our experienced team can also coach you on sourcing and assessing bidding opportunities that are strategically aligned with your company to increase the likelihood of winning.
  • Establishing the deliverables and key milestones.
    After the audit, we will have a clear view of what needs to be done to achieve your goal. Prior to commencing work on your tender, we will agree on deadlines and milestones to clarify what is and is not possible for your project.

To find out more about our approach to working with you see our approach.

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