Professional writing is integral to winning clients, marketing, and promoting your business. Darlo’s skilled writers allow you to concentrate on your core business, while we strengthen your written presence and put you in the best possible position to win bids, grants, and tenders. Drawing from our experience in the not-for-profit, government, and private sectors, Darlo skilfully tailors your message for your audience.

Using Darlo’s services means that you can rest easy, knowing that we can give you an advantage over your competitors. We eliminate the possibility of embarrassing typos, mistakes, and poor expression.

Explore the range of services Darlo Technical Writing can offer you below:


Copywriting, Web Content, and PR

Your webpage is often the first thing potential customers see. Writing clearly and concisely for the web is the key to winning business.



Compliance and Policy Writing

Is your business seeking to join a peak body or gain approval from a government department? Darlo Technical Writing has extensive experience drafting policies and procedures in the private, education, and not-for-profit sectors. Darlo can review your current policies and ensure your business is compliant with industry standards and code of conducts.



Tender Writing, Management, and Bid Strategy

The process of tendering can be complicated and time consuming for companies to do themselves. Your time is better spent running your business. Darlo Technical Writing helps companies develop and manage their tenders. Our past success winning tenders for our clients means that you can trust use to help you succeed.



Awards and Grants Management

As well as our experience with tender and bid management, Darlo has also previously worked with the arts community and not-for-profit organisations to win grants and project funding. We can research grants across various fields within our large database, and help build and refine your profile to expedite the grants application process.



Proofreading, Editing, and Review

Darlo provides copyediting and structural reworking services to ensure your business documents are clear and concise. An external set of trained editor’s eyes is crucial to ensuring your ideas flow naturally and are conveyed with clarity.



Technical Writing, Business Plans, and Proposals

We specialise in making the complex comprehensible, by communicating the expertise of your organisation through writing that is clear to a lay audience. Ensuring logic, removing jargon, and explaining technical concepts are some of our key focuses.


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