Approach to Technical Writing

Even the greatest writers need a great editor, and sometimes preparing bids prevents you from working on your core business. Darlo’s approach strengthens your business, strengthens your marketing strategy, and wins you new clients.

Our five-stage approach to tender writing, marketing, content production, and bid management follows this systematic process:


Research and Collaboration

Understanding the needs, priorities, and goals of your business is our first objective. During this phase, we consider the message you want to convey, analyse existing documentation, and identify any areas that require further work.


Drafting and Development

We undertake the research that will enable us to create high-quality content. We will maintain regular contact to report progress and alert you of any issues as they arise. As your documents are being developed, feedback and review meetings are scheduled at your convenience. This helps ensure that any amendments required are performed at the earliest possible time, nipping issues in the bud, and preventing them from ballooning into problems that affect the deadline.


Design, Revision, and Refinement

The look of your documents is often just as important as their content. Our years of technical writing experience have proved that well-designed, aesthetically striking documents present a more professional image. Darlo not only pairs our clients with technical writers, but also provides a graphic design team to work on your project as well. Our graphic designers play an integral role in producing the high-quality documents expected by you and your stakeholders.



Once drafting is completed, your content will undergo three types of edit:

  • Technical Edit: Performed our Subject Matter Experts. This edit ensures that industry-specific terminology is used correctly and in the right context.
  • Proofread Edit: Our editors ensure that your documents contain optimal sentence structures, that they read professionally, and fix any grammar or spelling errors.
  • Factual Edit: This final edit is performed in consultation with you and our technical writers. Facts, figures, and specifics are checked and confirmed.

Throughout the entire process, we provide ample opportunities to review the style and content of your documents.



Darlo always delivers the final product with ample review time for your organisation, board, and executives.

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